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What are Direct Offers and how do they work?

Direct Offers is a tool that allows you, the seller, to initiate proactive offers to potential buyers who are interested in your gear. This means the buyer is either watching your listing or has added it to their cart.

How are Direct Offers applied?

1. Log into your Reverb account and go to your Listings page.

  • At the bottom, right-hand side of every listing there will be a Direct Offers button.


2. Click the Direct Offers button, and this prompt will appear:


3. Click the checkbox next to Enable Direct Offers for this Listing .

  • Once clicked, you’ll see this:


4. Enter the percent you want to have the Direct Offer sent out as. You can choose to include a message to the potential buyer. To enable it click Submit.

  • Direct Offer enablement will be indicated by the green dot on the button.


  • To disable Direct Offers on a listing, manually, simply uncheck the button next to Enable Direct Offers for this Listing and click Submit.


When do interested buyers receive a Direct Offer?

  1. If a buyer watches a listing with Direct Offers actively enabled, that buyer will receive a Direct Offer 24 hours after clicking the watch button.
  2. If a buyer adds a listing with Direct Offers actively enabled to their cart but doesn’t check out, that buyer will receive a Direct Offer 24 hours after adding to their cart.
  3. If a seller does not have Direct Offers actively enabled on a listing, but chooses to do so, anyone who has watched that item within the past 90 days, or has the item in their cart within the last 90 days but have not purchased, will all receive a Direct Offer immediately upon enablement.

How long does a buyer have to decide?

A buyer who receives an offer has 48 hours to accept, reject, or counter offer the Direct Offer. After 48 hours of inactivity, the offer expires.

What else do I need to know?

  • Direct Offers are not eligible for listings that have USPS calculated shipping enabled.

  • In order to send Direct Offers, you must have 5 completed sales in your account.
  • Make sure the numerical values you input for Direct Offer percent are the percentage you want to take off the price. For example, if you want to take 10% off a $100 item, write “10.” If you write “90” a Direct Offer will go out for 90% off the current price, not $90.

  • Once applied, Direct Offers will go out immediately to all watchers over the past 90 days. If you made a mistake and active watchers are receiving Direct Offers, the only way to stop/end the Direct Offers is to end the listing. This can be done one at a time, in bulk via CSV, or via API.

  • If you increase the price of your listing and have Direct Offers enabled on it, the percent discount will follow the price. For example, if you have a 10% Direct Offer on a $100 item, the Direct Offer price is $90. If you raise the price to $120, the 10% Direct Offer will follow and your Direct Offer price will be $108.

  • If you decrease the price on an active Direct Offer, the Direct Offer will disable. You will have to reapply it again. This is to protect you from forgetting about Direct Offers being active and accidentally sending out an even steeper Direct Offer discount after already dropping the price.

  • If Direct Offers are enabled on listings that are added to a sale, Direct Offers pause as long as the item is on sale. They will resume once the sale ends.

  • If an item with an active Direct Offer goes from Live to Sold Out, Direct Offers will remain attached. If that item goes back live again, so will the Direct Offers attached to it.

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