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How do I apply Direct Offers via CSV?

Applying Direct Offers via CSV allows you to quickly add the feature to bulk listings.

To apply Direct Offers via CSV:

1. Log into your account and go to your Listings page. Export all your live listings, or whatever listings you want through category, condition, brand, or search refinement.


2. Grab the CSV from your inbox and open it. Scroll to the right to column BE where you’ll see it titled “auto_offer_percentage”.


3. Input the Direct Offer percent you’d like to send out to interested buyers. “10” = 10%, “20” = 20% “25” = 25%, and so on. Save as a CSV.

Pro Tip: Column F, “sku” is the unique identifier of a CSV import. If the sku column is absent, nothing will change on a listing because Reverb cannot identify which listing you want to change. That also means only “sku” and the column header you want to change is needed in an import. Always suggest a seller removes all columns except for “sku” and, in this case, “auto_offer_percentage.” This eliminates the risk of accidentally changing something like title, pricing, or inventory information.

4. Go to your Manage Inventory tab. Click “Choose CSV File” and select the file you saved.


  • Direct Offer enablement will be indicated by the green dot on the button.


  • To disable Direct Offer via CSV, follow the same steps that exports for listings. In the “auto_offer_percentage” column, change whatever numerical value you have to “0” (zero), save, and re-import.

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