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Why did I receive a backup withholding notice?

Backup withholding notices (B Notices) are sent to US sellers from the IRS after they have received incorrect or missing Taxpayer Information (TIN) on a Form 1099-k . The IRS considers a recipient's taxpayer information incorrect if either the name or number shown on an account does not match a name and number combination in their files or the files of the Social Security Administration (SSA).

If you’ve received a B Notice, all you need to do is correct your tax information. If you don’t correct your tax information, the law requires Reverb to withhold 24% of payments made to your account. You may also be subject to a $50 penalty from the IRS.

How do I fix my tax information?

To update your tax information:

  1. Head to your Tax ID page.
  2. Select Edit Tax Profile.
  3. Re-enter your TIN, legal name, and address.

If you receive a backup withholding notice from Reverb, you may also receive a copy via USPS, as required by the government. For more information on B Notices, visit the IRS website.

I'm not a US-based seller—why did I receive a B Notice?

If you aren't located in the US and you received a B notice, it's because you're paid in USD. We'll need a Form W-8 BEN on file to remove you from the 1099-K obligation. Reach out to for more information.

For any additional inquiries related to tax reporting, send an email to
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