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How to use your Apple ID for Reverb sign in

Quick answer

To create a Reverb account using your Apple ID credentials, head to the Sign Up page. Click the Apple icon to then proceed with your Apple ID.


Selecting the Apple icon will direct you to a page where you confirm your email information and the fact you want to proceed with your Apple ID. If everything looks good, choose Continue.


If you do not already have an existing Reverb account that was used with your Apple ID sign in, a new Reverb account will be created when signing in with your Apple ID, giving you duplicate Reverb accounts that cannot be combined.

What email address does Reverb have on my account?

After creating an account with an Apple ID, a customized email is created and added to your profile. Generally, this email address ends with ““. You can review your email address and make any necessary changes from your Account Settings page.

How do I change the Apple ID email address?

Make sure you are logged into the account that was created with your Apple ID. Head to your Account Settings page, and click Change Email. It’s important to update your email address if you are accessing Reverb on multiple devices.

How do I change my password?

In order to update your password on an account created with an Apple ID, you’ll need to update your email address first. To update your email, follow the instructions above. After your email is changed, head back to your Account Settings page and select Change Password.

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