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How do I accept installment payments from buyers?

We’ve enabled Klarna’s pay in installments service for buyers in the UK and Spain to give sellers using Reverb Payments an easy way to offer buyers the option to pay in installments in those markets.

Buyers in the UK* or Spain can choose to pay in installments from any seller that offers Reverb Payments, as long as the total of the order meets certain requirements, as well as Klarna’s terms and conditions. At this time, Klarna installment payments are only available to buyers in the United Kingdom and Spain.

Klarna, an online payments company, offers installment payments to buyers on Reverb when they meet the relevant criteria.

Sellers in the UK and Spain that use Reverb Payments will automatically offer Klarna’s installment payment method to buyers in their country.

How do I get paid if the buyer pays in installments?

No matter what payment method a buyer uses at checkout, sellers will get paid their earnings normally per Reverb Payments timelines. Paying in installments does not affect the standard payment timeline.

If the buyer fails to make payments to Klarna, this will not affect the payment you received for the order.

How do refunds work with Klarna?

You can refund a Klarna order in the same way you refund any other Reverb Payments order. Once issued, Klarna will receive the refund from Reverb and apply it to the buyer’s Klarna balance appropriately.

*Klarna’s Pay in 3 installments credit agreements are not regulated by the FCA. Use of these and any missed payments may affect your ability to obtain credit from Klarna and other lenders. 18+, UK residents only. Subject to status. T&Cs apply.
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