How to Unsubscribe from Reverb Emails?

If you're looking to no longer receive emails from Reverb, you can update your notifications within the emails directly. 

To unsubscribe from Reverb emails:

1. Click "Unsubscribe" on the footer of the email

To adjust your email notification preferences: 

1. Click on "Update Preferences" on the footer of the email

2. This will take you to the Subscription Center where you can adjust the following:

  • Newsletter Emails (Reverb & Reverb LP)
  • Feed Emails (Reverb & Reverb LP)
  • Sale Alerts
  • Seller Newsletter
  • Special Events
  • Watch Emails (Reverb & Reverb LP) 

Please note that any notification emails pertaining to offers, orders, Reverb messages, etc. cannot be unsubscribed from, as we need to be able to alert you of account activity. 


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