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What are UPCs and how do they work?

Quick answer

A UPC (Universal Product Code) is a 12-digit barcode typically printed on a product label that is used widely for retail packaging in the United States. UPCs are required for “Brand New” listings to identify them with Reverb’s product catalog. This connection enables a huge amount of additional value on the platform and keeps ourselves in line with Google Shopping’s requirements.

The benefit of using UPCs:

  • Eligibility for product pages and their powerful Buy button.
  • Promotion of your listings across an array of social media, advertisements, and shopping services.

How do UPCs work for custom/handmade products?

Simply select Exempt from UPC or EAN under the SKU, Inventory & Pre-orders section underneath where you fill in your description within the listing flow.

Selecting UPC info

Alternatively, for bulk import/exports, you can enter TRUE or FALSE in the upc_does_not_apply column for these specific items.

TRUE indicates that a UPC does not apply, FALSE indicates that a UPC does apply.

How do I push UPC data to Reverb via my eCommerce store?

Our eCommerce integrations with BigCommerce and Magento sync the UPC field with Reverb. In the case of Magento, additional attribute mapping is required to push over the UPC field.

Contact our Integrations team for specific instructions on how to do so.

How can I enter "does not apply" via API or my eCommerce integration?

Via the API
We've added the param upc_does_not_apply. Setting to 'true' will apply the setting.

Via Bigcommerce
A new custom field called reverb_upc_does_not_apply should be set to value 'on'.

I uploaded my UPCs. Why aren't they showing up?

The UPC could be invalid. In this case, ensure that your UPC code is valid (12-digits).

To check on validity of your UPCs, feel free to use the following resources:

For any additional questions, contact our Integrations team.

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