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Can I Use a Prepaid Debit or Gift Card to Buy Gear on Reverb?

Occasionally a prepaid debit or gift card will work via Reverb's checkout system, but it's typically much more complicated to check out using a card like this.

For a smoother checkout experience, Reverb always recommends paying with a traditional credit or debit card, your PayPal account, or financing your purchase via Affirm.

That being said, we understand that sometimes a prepaid card is your only option for funding your gear purchase.

If you're having trouble checking out with a prepaid card, please double-check the following before attempting to check out again:

  • Have you activated the card yet?
    • Prepaid cards usually require activation via an online portal or a phone activation process. Activation information should be on the back of your card.  
  • Is the card expired?
  • Did you enter the card number correctly during checkout?
  • Does your card have a limit on the amount you can spend on a single transaction?
  • Does the card have a balance large enough to cover your purchase?
    • Usually, you can get your balance information online or via the phone number on the back of your card.
  • Does the card issuer allow your card to be used for online purchases? 
    • This information should be available on the back of your card or on the card issuer's website.
  • Does your card require registration?
    • Occasionally, prepaid cards will require you that you register them online and provide a billing address for verification purposes. You can typically find out where to do this online on the back of the card. 

Beyond double-checking the items above and contacting the support number on the back of your card for more information on why the card is not being accepted, we recommend simply using a different form of payment to complete your purchase.

Unfortunately, in any case, Reverb cannot assist in forcing the acceptance of prepaid cards for purchases.
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