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How Do I Use the Auto-Bump Tool For Brand New Listings?

Step 1: Go to the Auto-Bump landing page and click “Install”.



Step 2: You will be directed to your Auto-Bump dashboard. Click the green button on the right that reads “New Rule”.




Step 3: Choose the tab that reads “Brand New” and select the price range you want listings to be Bumped within. If price is not a factor, simply leave this field as is.

Next, choose the category of listings you want Bumped within your shop. If you want all categories Bumped, choose “(all)”.

Decide how much margin you would like to contribute to listings meeting the criteria above. You can go as low as .5% and up to 5%.

Lastly, give the Bump command created from the above information a name and click “Create Rule”.



Step 4: To get a granular look at the listings your Rule is Bumping, click the Rule Name.


Step 5: View the listing, the listing price, the bid amount, and the date the bid was added to the listing here. You can add as many Rules as you’d like.