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Listing Guidelines: Prohibited Items and Actions

Prohibited Items 

  • Any item that violates a trademark or copyright will be removed or edited appropriately.
  • Non-music items / general electronics are not allowed, because they're not our specialty. We cannot support a Macbook alone, however, if a user lists a computer along with a recording setup, we'll allow the bundle. iPods and other mp3 players are allowed as we consider them Home Audio, while phones and tablets that can play music are not.
  • Any harmful language, imagery, or hate symbols are absolutely not allowed on the site.

listing.svg More information on Prohibited Items Policy

Prohibited Actions

To ensure that everybody is on an even playing field, and that both buyers and sellers have a great experience on our platform, there are a few actions that are prohibited.

  • Ending and re-listing the same item repeatedly is not allowed. Some assume they can get a boost by trying to keep their item close to the front page of all recent listings. This is not only a lot of work, but will result in losing all the listing's Watchers, spots within handpicked collections and advertisement, any sales memberships, and price drop notifications.
  • Inflating the price of an item only for a price drop later is considered spam. Price drops are totally acceptable if they’re natural, but over-inflating crosses the line.
  • Listing an item with an artificially high or low price to drive traffic to the listing is prohibited. Your asking price should generally reflect what you'd like to receive for the item, considering its condition and fair market value.
  • If a user doesn’t have the item on-hand at their location, they shouldn't sell it. If someone buys the item, and they’re unable to ship it, that could result in a dispute.
  • Listing duplicates of the same item, whether within the same shop or across multiple accounts, is also prohibited.

Any of the above may result in suspended listings or account review.

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