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How do I download Ableton Live?

Before proceeding, register your serial number.


To get started with Live, it is recommended to download and install the latest available Live 9 update.

Log in to your User Account, then select the Live version and the operating system from the drop-down menus.

Installing for Mac:

  • When the download of the Live 9 dmg is complete, double-click on that file and a mounted disk named 'Ableton Live 9' will appear on your desktop and open automatically.
  • As shown, drag the application Ableton Live 9 in the Applications folder at the root of your Mac OS X drive. After this, you can unmount the dmg file by pressing the eject button in the Finder sidebar.
  • Once the disk image has been unmounted you can drag the dmg file to the trash.
  • To launch Live 9, open the Applications folder and click twice on the Ableton Live 9 application. You can also drag the application icon to your dock in order to add a shortcut for Live 9.

Installing for Windows:

  • Please unpack the downloaded zip file by right-clicking on it.
  • Choose "Extract All..." from the drop-down menu and launch the Setup.msi file by double-clicking it once the file has been unpacked. The program will guide you through the steps necessary to install Live 9 on your Windows machine.
  • Once the installation has completed, click on the Windows Start menu where you'll find the Live 9 shortcut.


  • When starting Live for the first time, follow the instructions on the authorization dialog in order to authorize Live.
  • If you'd prefer to authorize offline or would like additional information, step-by-step instructions are available. 

Installing additional sounds

  • Several Live Packs are available for download from the Your Packs section on the Ableton website.
  • Once Live is installed, you can install these Live Packs, which will add additional sounds, presets and other content in a dedicated directory on your hard drive.
  • Note: Some Live Packs require add-ons or devices which are not included in all versions of Live.
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