How Do I Return an Item I Purchased From Reverb LP?

On February 28, we will be sunsetting Reverb LP. Read more here.
To request a return for an item purchased on Reverb LP, head to your Orders page here.

Find the item you'd like to return and click "Request Refund".

From there, you'll be prompted to fill out a short form detailing the reason for the return and refund.

Once you've completed that form, click the green "Request Refund" button. 

You'll receive an email notification once the seller has responded to your refund request. If your refund request is denied or you do not receive a reply from the seller within 3 business days, please contact us and we'd be more than happy to assist you with a solution. 

To learn more about requesting a refund or return for purchases, you can head here

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