How Can I Create a Shipping Profile For My Reverb LP Shop?

On February 28, we will be sunsetting Reverb LP. Read more here.
To create or update the Shipping Profiles included for your LP listings, you can head to your Reverb LP Shipping Policies Page

Once on this page, you can select “Reverb LP” from the “LP Shipping Profiles” section.


Next, you can update the recommended Shipping Profile included for your Shop location or include additional Shipping Profiles for separate locations. If you would like to offer free shipping for orders over a particular threshold, you can include this amount within the "Free Shipping On Orders Over" box. 


Make sure to select the “Save Profile” button once your changes have been made. Your listings should then feature this shipping rate!  

**Please note that the Reverb recommended standard shipping rate would be $4 with an incremental shipping rate for $1. This would be included for your shop unless this is updated.

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