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How-To: Design a Media Carousel

  1. Click to the ‘Pages’ tab in the top left corner of your Reverb Sites Dashboard
  2. Click “Add Item” under the “Home” Section
  3. Click “Media Carousel”

You can add additional slides by clicking “Add Slide”

You now have the option to customize individual slides within you media carousel, including adding images, videos, text, links, and overlays.

To add an image:

  1. Click the “Add Image”
  2. Click the “Upload” button
    1. We recommend uploading an image that is 1600x600. Images will be automatically resized to this size and proportion.
  3. A finder window will appear. Select the desired image in the finder win and click “Open”
  4. Once the image has uploaded, click “Publish Slides”

To add a video:

  1. Click the “Add Video”
  2. Paste desired embed code in the text box.
  3. Click “Publish Slides”

Need help finding the embed code? Here's some links for YouTube and Vimeo.

To add text on top of your image or video:

  1. Click “Add Text”
  2. Type desired Title in the “Title” box
  3. Type desired text in the “Text” box
  4. Choose whether the text aligns to the right, center or left by changing the “Align Slide Text” preferences
    1. The default setting is “Center”
  5. Click “Publish Slides”

To direct your slide to a link:

  1. Click “Add Text”
  2. Paste desire link in the “Link” box
  3. Click “Publish Slides”

To add a color overlay to your slide

  1. Click “Add Overlay”
  2. Click the color icon on the right of “Background Overlay”
  3. Choose from the available preset colors
    1. You can also paste a custom RGB color #

Under the “Options” box you can:

  • Auto Rotate Slides
    • Click the “Auto Rotate Slides” Toggle
  • Show Slide Indicator
    • Click the “Show Slide Indicator” Toggle
  • Change Animation Type (Fade or Slide)
    • Click the “Animation Type” drop down and choose preference
  • Change Animation Speed (Slow, Normal, Fast)
    • Click the “Animation Speed” drop down and choose preference
  • Change the Size of your slides (Full Width or Grid Width)
    • Click the “Size” drop-down and choose preference

Once you’re done customizing your Media Carousel, click “Publish Slides” to save!