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How to sync a guest order with an existing Reverb account

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If you have an existing Reverb account, but purchase an item as a guest using the same email address, you can sync that order to your account. First, log out of Reverb, select the private order link in the email we sent you, then use the link in the banner to save the order to your existing account.

Syncing a guest order to an existing Reverb account:

  1. Log out of your Reverb account, if you are logged in. You can also follow this process while in an Incognito window.

  2. View the order confirmation email and click your private order link (only you can view this).
    Order confirmation email screenshot

  3. There is a banner which advises we already have an email on file. You need to select the link in that banner to login and save the order to your account.
    Order page to sync guest order to Reverb account

If you don’t see this banner, that means that the email address you used during guest checkout differs from your existing account. Create a new Reverb account using the email address used during guest checkout to access your purchase details.

If you didn't receive an order confirmation email, contact Reverb support for assistance  locating your purchase.

After connecting the purchase to your account, you can leave feedback for your seller or request a refund on the order.
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