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How to list a custom or handmade item on Reverb

The ability to buy and sell customized and handmade gear on Reverb is what makes our community so special. If you have a custom piece to sell, here’s how to get started.

To list a custom or handmade listing:

  • Choose Sell Your Gear on the top of
  • Select Start a listing from scratch.

  • Enter the “Brand” and “Model” of your item.
    • If this is the first listing of your custom brand/model, a message will pop up after you move to the next text box.
    • Select the link to submit a new brand request.


  • Enter the ‘Brand Name’, ‘Description’, and ‘Brand Website’, and select Submit Request.
  • Our team will respond to your request as soon as possible via email.
You can publish your listing on Reverb before your brand request has been approved.

Is your item handmade?

  • Fill out the remaining fields until you get to Advanced Options.
  • Expand that tab, and check I handmade this item.


  • Complete the remainder of the listing form.
Avoid trademarked brand or model names in the title, model, and brand fields of custom/handmade listings. For more information, check out our Listings Guidelines.
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