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How to update your VAT ID or GST ID on Reverb

To update your VAT (value-added tax) or GST (goods and services tax) ID:

  1. Navigate to your shop’s tax policies section.
  2. Add your Identification Number and click Save.

How will Reverb use my VAT or GST ID?

Having a VAT or GST ID on file helps ensure that tax reporting obligations are met. In some countries, Reverb has a reporting obligation to share your VAT ID or other taxpayer ID with local tax authorities. Additionally, Reverb is required to collect VAT/GST on fees charged to sellers and remit it to the relevant tax authority for sellers in certain countries, depending on their taxable status. If you have a VAT/GST ID, adding it to your Reverb account will help ensure you’re not charged VAT/GST on seller fees.

If you have tax questions, it’s best to contact your local tax authority or tax advisor.

Do I need to register for a VAT or GST ID?

Because VAT/GST laws vary from place to place, it’s best to consult your local tax authority or tax advisor if you have questions about whether you need a specific ID. VAT/GST is the responsibility of each seller. 

Typically, each country has a sales threshold for VAT/GST registration, and sellers may be required by their local tax authorities to register for a VAT/GST ID if they reach their country’s sales threshold or engage in certain transactions. However, in some countries, you may also register for a VAT/GST ID even if you have not reached the sales threshold for VAT/GST purposes. 

If you are not required to be VAT/GST registered and don’t have a VAT/GST ID, you do not need to add one to your account.

What countries are VAT and GST IDs available in?

Full list of countries that provide VAT IDs

United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia.

GST IDs are available for sellers living in Canada and Australia.

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