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How do I set up a return policy for my Reverb shop?

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Your return policy can be set up in your Shop Policies page. It will default to the Reverb Recommended Return Policy where buyers have 7 days to return used gear. If you’d rather set up your own customized return policy, select Custom Policy.

Setting up a return policy:

  1. Head to your Shop Policies page and go to the “Return Policy” section.
  2. The default return policy selected will be the Reverb Recommended Return Policy. If you’d rather create your own return policy, select Custom Policy instead and fill in the mandatory fields.

    Reverb Recommended Return Policy
    If you do not want to accept returns, select Custom Policy and then No Returns from the dropdown menu for Used & Vintage Items and/or New Items. This policy means buyers cannot return an item because they simply do not like it, but they can return an item if it is determined to be not as described within 7 days of delivery.
    Custom Policy set for No Returns

  3. Once you have everything filled in to your liking, select Save Changes to have your return policy go into effect immediately.
Reverb expects all sellers to abide by their return policy at the time of the buyer’s purchase. Please make sure you understand and are aligned with the return policy set in place for your shop.

Which return policy should I choose?

This is entirely up to you, but the Reverb Recommended Return Policy is the default policy because it appeals to most buyers who know they can return an item within 7 days of delivery for any reason. We have seen a higher and faster selling rate for sellers with this return policy enabled.

If you want to adjust the return window, select Custom Policy and select your desired timeframe for Used & Vintage Items and New Items (for authorized retailers only). This window can also include No Returns, which means buyers can only return an item if it is determined to be not as described within 7 days of delivery.

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