How do I cancel an order and re-list my item?

If an order remains unpaid for more than 72 hours, sellers can cancel it from the orders page in the "Selling" section through these steps:

  1. Filter down to your unpaid orders using the drop-down menu.
  2. Click "Cancel Order"

If the order has already been paid, the seller will need to refund the payment and alert the buyer of the cancellation. Sellers can do this by clicking "More Order Actions", then the "Issue Refund" button on this page. After the refund is completed, Reverb will credit any relevant Reverb selling fees on your bill.

To re-list an item, go to your listings page in the "Selling" section. Click "Edit", and then "Relist" button next to the item.

This process would apply to Reverb LP orders, as well. 

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