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How do I qualify for buyer or seller protection?

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Orders must be carried out directly through the Reverb website or mobile app to qualify for Reverb Protection. This includes record of both payment and shipment. Any order transacted through private messaging or offsite does not qualify. Additionally, disputes must be communicated to Reverb within 7 days of the shipment being delivered (or within 14 days of the anticipated delivery date in cases of non-delivery).

Reverb Buyer Protection
  • Payment must be completed through the Reverb platform.
  • Disputes need to be communicated to your seller or Reverb support within 7 days of delivery.
  • If no resolution is reached, Reverb Support can recommend the next step you should take depending on the method of payment used.
If payment is made through PayPal, we will walk you through the PayPal dispute process and provide any materials needed to ensure the dispute reaches the correct end. If the sale is completed through the Reverb Payments system, Reverb will assist in returning your funds once it has been established that no other agreeable resolution has been reached with the seller.

Reverb Seller Protection
  • All sales completed through the Reverb website or mobile app qualify for Reverb Protection.
  • Record of both payment and shipment must be available within the Reverb platform.
  • Disputes must be communicated to Reverb within 7 days of the shipment being delivered.

Buyers can head to their Purchases Page to check their order's status at any point during the transaction.

Sellers can head to their Orders Page to check their order's status.

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