When will I receive my Direct Checkout payout?

Congrats on the sale!

Direct Checkout funds are held until tracking information is entered into the system by the seller. If you haven't uploaded that yet, you can do so on your orders page in the "Selling" section of your account. This information triggers your payout so we can ensure that Reverb transactions are verified as legitimate.

After tracking information is entered, we can process and send the payment to your account as Reverb Bucks or via direct deposit. For direct deposit payments, funds will be sent to your bank account on file here.

The first few sales you make with Direct Checkout take the longest to process, as we perform additional verification with new sellers to ensure a good experience for all Reverb users. Reverb typically holds your funds until your item is delivered to the buyer for those first few sales.

The more items you sell via Direct Checkout, the quicker your payouts will come. Once you're a Reverb Preferred Seller, your payout is automatically triggered by you entering your tracking number into the system. 

There's more info on our Direct Checkout system as well as a handy diagram on the payout schedule here


*Please Note - Reverb Direct Checkout is currently only available for sellers in the United States and Canada*

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