What Are Shipping Profiles? How Can I Use Them?

Shipping profiles allow sellers to standardize their shipping rates for similarly-sized items. You can set them up in the Shipping tab of your “Edit Shop” section:
First, select "Create Your First Profile":
To get an idea of how this works, say you're a US seller who only ships guitars and pedals. You can set up a profile for both items. One for pedals that says "each time I make a listing for a pedal, I want to charge $5 US shipping, $15 for Canada, and $25 everywhere else", and then one for guitars with the appropriate info.
Or, say you are an authorized dealer for a certain brand and have territory restrictions for where you can ship.  Set up a shipping profile and specify rates for the countries or territories that you're allowed to sell into while leaving the Everywhere Else field blank.
Just click "Add Shipping Locations" to add countries to your shipping profile:
This will save you from having to set up shipping rates listing-per-listing. 
After a shipping profile is created, it is saved in your account. Just select that shipping profile in the “How will you ship it?” section when creating a listing, and BOOM, all of your shipping rates for that category are applied:
If you don't want to use your Shipping Profiles, just select "None: Use Custom Shipping".
Please note:
  • These profiles will not be added retroactively to existing listings. However, users can edit their existing listings to include their new shipping profiles
  • To update your existing listings with your new shipping profiles in bulk, just check out our Manage Inventory feature.
  • If you have a specific shipping profile appended to a live listing/several live listings, and you then edit that shipping profile, all of your listings using that shipping profile will reflect the new prices.
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