How can I request a refund or return?

To request a refund from your seller, head to your purchases tab in the "Buying" section of your Reverb account. 

Once there, click "More Order Actions" and then "Request Refund":

Once clicked, a box will appear prompting you to select either a full or partial refund, a reason you'd like a refund, and a box to write a note to the seller explaining the situation. Once all of this is filled out, click the green "Request Refund" button:

Once your refund request has been submitted, the seller of your item will receive both a Reverb notification and an email to view details of your refund request, with an opportunity to respond to it.

If for some reason you receive no response from the seller regarding your request for a refund within 48 hours of submitting your request, please contact Reverb Support and we can assist you in making sure your situation is resolved. 


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