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What items does Reverb prohibit from being listed?

As a company of musicians and music lovers, we believe in music as the ultimate form of self-expression. We’re inspired every day by the diverse, creative, and passionate community Reverb has grown into, and we’re proud of the steps that we’ve taken—and will continue to take—to ensure that all musicians feel welcome to explore, buy, sell, learn, and be inspired. 

With every decision, we keep our entire community of customers—including their cultural differences, opinions, and sensitivities—in mind. While some situations will fall outside of what we’ve defined below, every decision will be made in alignment with our belief that anyone who wants to make music should feel empowered and safe to do so.

Prohibited items:

1. Items That Support or Glorify Hatred
2. Violence or Items That Encourage or Glorify Violence
3. Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, or Medical Drugs
4. Illegal Items, Counterfeit Items and Trademark Infringement
5. Pornography and Adult Content
6. Autographed Items or Memorabilia

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