What fees will I pay for selling on Reverb?

Reverb charges a 3.5% selling fee for every item sold on Reverb. The minimum fee is $0.50 and the maximum is $350. You may remove your listing whenever you'd like without penalty.

Regardless of what type of payment you accept, there will also be a payment processing fee that is deducted directly from your buyer's payment. Reverb's Direct Checkout fee is slightly less than PayPal's. See how Reverb's fees stack up against other sites on this page.

If you use Direct Checkout, the 3.5% selling fee, as well as any payment processing fees, bump fees, or shipping label charges are automatically deducted from the payout of your sold items at the time of sale. For example, if one item is sold on April 5 and another on April 22, the fees are automatically taken out from the payment of each item. This eliminates month-end charges and streamlines your billing process. If for some reason these fees cannot be deducted from your payout, they are added to your month-end bill. 

You can always check your Earnings Tab in your Reverb account for a breakdown of exactly what was withheld from your payout and why. 

Note: International transactions may incur an additional 1% cross-border fee.

If you choose to list your item in a different currency than you receive your Direct Checkout payouts in, a 2.5% currency conversion fee will be assessed on the subtotal of your payout, after your regular payment processing fees. 

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