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Where can I view my seller's return policy?

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Since Reverb is a marketplace full of unique sellers, return policies differ by seller. Individual return policies can be checked on the Payments & Returns section on any given listing. No matter what, all purchases made on Reverb are backed by Reverb Buyer Protection.

Where do I find the item's return policy?

You can view the return policy for each individual item by visiting the Payments & Returns tab on a listing. This tab is located in the About the Seller section on the listing page.

If a seller’s return policy mentions the item is sold As-Described, that means they do not allow preference-based returns.

If there is any confusion, or you would like clarification on the return policy listed, we encourage you to message the seller to find out specifics before making a purchase.

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How am I protected if I do not receive an item or the item arrives not as described?

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