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How do preference-based returns work?

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If an item arrives as-described but you want to return it, this qualifies as a preference-based return. In these situations, the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, including the return shipping label. However, not all sellers allow preference-based returns, so it’s always best to review the listing’s return policy under the Payments & Returns section prior to purchasing.

What is a preference-based return?

A preference-based return is if you want to return an item simply because you don’t like or want it for any reason. Think of it as a typical return when you purchase something from a store and bring it back with your receipt within the return window to get your money back.

How do I request a refund?

Learn about the steps for submitting a refund request.

How do I know if a seller accepts preference-based returns?

All sellers have their return policy listed on the Payments & Returns section of the listing page. This is a part of the About the Seller section as you scroll down the listing.

As you’re searching for gear on Reverb, underneath the item’s photo, you might also notice a box icon that states the amount of days in which you can make a return.


When you see this, it means the seller has a preference-based return policy enabled for the amount of days that is stated. 

If a seller’s return policy mentions the item is sold As-Described, that means they do not allow preference-based returns. If this does not align with your purchasing needs, we recommend looking at other seller’s listings before checking out.

How does return shipping work for preference-based returns?

For preference-based returns, the buyer is responsible for purchasing the return shipping label, as well as coordinating return shipping logistics with the carrier.

Within the US, sellers can purchase return shipping labels directly via Reverb. For orders where shipping labels from Reverb are not available, the seller and buyer should work together to find the best avenue for return shipment.

How do buyers purchase a return shipping label through Reverb?

Reverb Support can assist in getting a return shipping label sent to you.

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