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How do I respond to a buyer's offer?

Quick answer

If you have offers enabled on any of your listings, you will be notified via email and through your Reverb in-app notifications when a buyer makes an offer. You can respond to the offer by selecting Accept, Counter, or Decline, with the option to also include a message.

Responding to a buyer’s offer

You’ll receive a notification via email and in your Reverb notifications. Additionally, you can always review your offer history on your Offers page.

You have 24 hours to respond to the offer before it expires. You can respond by selecting either Accept, Counter, or Decline. Include a message to the buyer if you’d like to send more information with your response.

  • If you Accept the offer, an order will be created. Your buyer will be notified and has 72 hours to pay.
  • If you select Counter, you’ll be prompted to enter an updated price you’d like to offer back to the buyer.
  • If you Decline the offer, the buyer will be notified and no further action is required.
Pro tip: If a buyer contacts you from one of your listings, you can respond with an offer in your message back and it will show up in your Offers page.

Immediate payment offers

Note: This feature is not available on the Reverb app and is currently only available to select buyers and sellers located in the US.

With immediate payment offers, the buyer can choose to have their credit card on file charged automatically if their offer is accepted. If the buyer has chosen to pay immediately, a blue notification will appear when you go to respond to the offer.

If you accept the offer and the buyer’s payment is successful, an order will be created on your Orders page. If the buyer’s payment can’t be processed, you will be notified and the buyer will have 24 hours to try again. Your listing will remain off the market during this time. If the buyer is unable to pay during the 24 hour period, your item will automatically be relisted on Reverb.

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