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How Do I Collect VAT?

All prices on Reverb should be listed EXCLUSIVE of VAT. Reverb will then add on the VAT rate indicated in your tax policy and display the correct tax-inclusive price to applicable buyers in your tax region (e.g. the EU).

VAT is also known as JCT, GST, SST, or QST in some countries.

Customers outside your tax policy region will not see or be charged VAT.

To establish your tax policy:

  1. Navigate to your shop’s tax policy section.
  2. Add your VAT Identification Number and click "Save"
  3. In the Tax Policy section, select "EU" from the Region dropdown and input your applicable VAT rate.
  4. Check the "Exclude VAT on sales to businesses with a valid VAT number" box to exclude VAT to business customers*
  5. Click "Add tax policy" and you're done!

*By default, selecting “Exclude VAT on sales to businesses with a valid VAT number” will zero-rate the VAT on all sales to business customers. If you wish to include VAT on business sales to customers in a specific country, for example, if you’re a German business that needs to include standard VAT on sales to other Germany businesses:

  1. Create a second tax policy by following the same steps from before: Add Tax Rate, and this time pick your country from "Region"
  2. This time, leave "Exclude VAT on sales to businesses with a valid VAT number" unchecked
  3. Click "Add Tax Policy"

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