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How Can I See Everything on Reverb, Regardless of Where It’s Located or Where It Ships To?

Select “Everywhere” as your shipping region at the bottom of any page. Please note, you may see items where the seller is not willing or is not authorized to ship to your country.

Setting Location Filters on the Reverb App
You are able to customize your shipping location filters via the most current version of the Android and iOS Reverb App. 

If you are on iOS: Select "My Reverb" then select the gear icon on the top left of the page. Once there, you can select "Shipping Region & Currency" to make these changes. 

If you are on Android: Select the menu button on the top left of the page. Once there, select the gear icon then "Settings" where you will be able to make these changes. 

You can follow the same process to update your shipping region preferences on Reverb LP.