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Does Reverb Integrate With BigCommerce?

Yes, it does! 

With the free app for BigCommerce, sellers can:

  • Sync Inventory levels from BigCommerce to Reverb
  • Sync Inventory levels from Reverb to BigCommerce
  • Create new listings
  • Automatically publish drafts
  • Sync over all or specific listing info (title, descriptions, price, etc.)


1. Installation

  • Download the App hereSnip20181221_50.png
  • Connect with your Reverb Account: Snip20181221_51.png
  • Make sure your product SKUs in Reverb match your product SKUs in BigCommerce. This will avoid the possibility of duplicate listings.
  • Authenticate:Snip20181221_52.png

2. Set Up Your Category Mapping

In order to sync & create new listings on Reverb, first set up your category mappings.

  • Click the Category Mappings tab and click the "Update BigCommerce Categories" button. Be sure to refresh the page after you click the button!
  • A list of your BigCommerce product categories will be generated with a corresponding drop down menu of Reverb product categories. This might take some time.                                     Snip20181221_54.png
  • Go through each option and match up your categories to the Reverb Categories.

 Please Note: Not all categories are listed on Reverb, so try and find the closest match you can. If the option isn't there or you're caught between two options, place it in a more generalized option that doesn't have a subcategory (IE, categorize Strings as Accessories).


3. Settings

  • Go to the Settings tab and turn on the toggles as shown below. Snip20181221_56.png
  • Please note: You may want to keep the toggles for "Create drafts for items with zero-inventory" and "Automatically publish drafts" turned off to start.

 4. Start Your First Sync

  • Head to your Sync Status tab and click "Re-sync Everything" to start your first sync. 

Still having trouble? Just shoot an email to