Does Reverb Integrate with Bigcommerce?

Yes, we do! 

Before you Begin

You'll first need to ensure your current Reverb listings are using identical SKUs that you use on Bigcommerce. Reverb identifies products with SKUs, so if you previously listed on Reverb and did NOT input the SKU, it will duplicate your listings. If this has happened, reach out to our support team at and we’ll get you all squared away.

Set up Category Mappings

In order to Sync & create new listings on Reverb, first set up your category mappings.

  1. Click the Category Mapping and click the "Update Bigcommerce Categories" button.
  2. A list of your product categories will be generated with a corresponding drop down menu of Reverb product categories. This might take some time.
  3. Go through each option and match up your categories to the Reverb Categories


Please Note: Not all categories are listed on Reverb, so try and find the closest match you can. If the option isn't there or you're caught between two options, place it in a more generalized option that doesn't have a subcategory. (IE, categorize Strings as Accessories)


Turn on the Integration

  1. Go to the settings tab and turn on the first two settings, “Automatically sync Bigcommerce changes to Reverb” and “Automatically sync Reverb inventory changes to Bigcommerce”. This will turn the app on and sync your inventory between the two platforms.
  2. To create new listings, turn on the switch below labeled "Create new listings"
  3. When you save a product in the Product Menu, it will also save any changes you make directly to Reverb, or create a new listing if you have that switch turned on.
  4. To sync all your products, go to the Sync Status Menu and Click “Sync Your Inventory”. It will then populate a list of all items that synced with a status on the right hand side.


After Your First Sync:

The first sync will allow all listing information for new items to show on Reverb. Once you sync an item, the plug-in will revert to your fields sync switches, located in the right side of the settings column. Inventory will always automatically update, but all other details will have to be turned on in order to see changes from Big C and Reverb.

Still having trouble? Just shoot an email to 


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