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How Can I Integrate Reverb With My Shopify?

With the free app for Shopify users, sellers can:

  • Sync Inventory levels from Shopify to Reverb
  • Sync Inventory levels from Reverb to Shopify
  • Create new listings
  • Automatically publish drafts
  • Sync over all or specific listing info (title, descriptions, price, etc.)




  • Connect your Reverb Account:
    • When downloading the app via your Shopify account, you’ll be prompted to login to your Reverb store. Please ensure that you use the same login credentials for your official Reverb store to ensure that your store syncs up.


    • Once installed, you can access your Shopify Reverb App in the “Apps” section of your Shopify account.

  • General Product Setup
    • Set up Shop Policies and Shipping Profiles 
    • Have unique SKUs for products in Shopify: The SKU is the unique identifier that connects the products between the two platforms. You must have your own SKUs in order for products to match. 



  • Category Mapping
    • After downloading the app, you will need to match up your Shopify Product Types to Reverb’s Categories. This can be done in the “Category Mapping” tab within the Shopify Reverb App.
      • First, click the "Category Mapping" header then click the "Re-sync Shopify Product Types" button (1).
      • Next, a list of your Shopify product categories will be generated with a corresponding drop down menu of Reverb product categories. Select the nearest matching category (2). 

  • Product Syncing 
    • To turn on the integration after your categories have been mapped, go to the "Settings" tab and toggle the switch in the top left: "Automatically sync existing listings" (1).
    • If you also want to create new listings, turn on the switch below that, labeled "Create drafts" (2).
    • Once the integration is running, any inventory changes made in Shopify will sync to Reverb. To control control specific fields, use the toggles in the right-hand column (3).
    • Lastly, go to the "Sync Status" tab and click "Re-sync Everything" to start your first sync. You can also view the overall progress of your sync from this page

The Shopify<>Reverb integration will not work with Shopify's Multiple Inventory Locations feature as the integration works on a 1 Shopify shop--1 Reverb shop basis.

Please note: We do not access or store your customers’ names, email addresses or phone numbers and we do not use your customers’ orders information. However, in order to connect to Shopify’s API and be able to troubleshoot any issues with your shop’s integration, our app will require your authorization to access certain store information and IP address. You will be asked to clear this authorization during the installation process.

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