My Shopify sync doesn't seem to be working. What can I do?

In almost all cases of this, the best solution will be to hit the "Bulk Sync All" button in the Reverb Shopify app. 

This re-syncs all information and updates your Reverb shop with the most accurate numbers from Shopify.

If you still do not see a sync come through, then follow this process of resetting the app:

  • Turn main sync off and on again 
  • Reset your webhooks (found in settings at the bottom)
  • Generate a new API token
  • Hit "Bulk Sync All" in Sync Status menu.

If you still see issues with your items not syncing, or new items are not coming onto Reverb, please re-install the app. You will not lose your information and data.

If these issues persist, please contact


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