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Why are my images not showing up from BigCommerce?

Typically (and especially with high volume syncs or with large images), it can take up to two hours after sync is completed to have all pictures show up on Reverb. If you still do not see your images after two hours after sync is completed, simply re-sync the items by clicking save in the products view. 

Tips for successful image transfers:

  • Use Hi-res photos between 500kb and 1mb and close to 1600px x 1600px.
  • If the item is used, we require images of the actual item and not stock photos
  • You cannot remove images once they’ve synced to Reverb. You can add new images to a listing and they will be the last photos in your Reverb listing.
  • The order of images cannot change after the first sync from BigCommerce. They can only be changed directly on Reverb.
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