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BigCommerce custom fields that sync to Reverb

You can be more descriptive with your Reverb listings by adding these custom fields to your products that will make them more searchable on Reverb.

Custom Field Example Values What does this do?
reverb_sync "off" Disables sync for a particular product/SKU and overrides default settings.
reverb_sync "on" Enables sync for a particular product/SKU even if the master sync toggle is off.
reverb_sync "force" Sync this item, even if it would normally be ignored.
reverb_price_sync "off" Disables price syncing for a particular product/SKU and overrides default settings.
reverb_finish "Sunburst" Finish of instrument.
reverb_year "1970s" or "1973" Year item was made. Can be general or specific.
reverb_offers "on" or "off" Either enables or disables offers for an item.
reverb_model "Stratocaster" Model of the item. Leave this blank and the Reverb system will guess the model based on listing title.
reverb_condition "Non functioning", "Poor", "Fair", "Good", "Very good", "Excellent", "Mint", "Mint (with inventory)", "B-Stock", or "Brand New" Sets Reverb gear condition. 
 reverb_shipping_profile  "Pedals" or Small  Name of a shipping profile, set up at on your shipping screen. Shipping profiles allow you to control the costs to ship a particular item or category of items to many locations.
reverb_upc_does_not_apply "on" Use this option with brand new products for which the manufacturer has not assigned a UPC, to bypass Reverb's validation.
reverb_seller_cost 19.99 Your cost on the item. This is never shown to buyers -and is only used for internal display in item details and offers.

To apply one or more of these, go to the product you wish to modify within BigCommerce then click on the Custom Fields tab.


Once you've finished making the desired changes, head to your Reverb<>BigCommerce app Sync Settings tab and click Re-sync everything.


For any additional questions, contact our Integrations team at
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