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Can I print a second shipping label for my items/sale?

This article only pertains to users in the USA. For more information on related international shipping topics, read our International shipping guide.

Quick answer

An additional shipping label can be purchased in your Orders page once you have created the first label. If you purchased Safe Shipping on the first label, it will automatically carry over to any additional ones you purchase. The cost of any additional label will be added to your monthly billing statement.

How to purchase additional shipping labels on Reverb:

To get started, go ahead and create a label for the first box by selecting Get Shipping Label from the Order Summary page:New_Project__1_.jpg

After purchasing your first label you can purchase another by clicking the Purchase Additional Shipping Label button from the Order Summary page:


You can find all the labels for an order by clicking on the order number from the Order Summary Page. All labels and tracking information will also be sent to you via email.

The cost for each additional shipping label will be added to your monthly statement, and be charged to your billing card on the first day of the next month.

If you purchase Safe Shipping on the first label, that will carry over to the additional labels that you purchase and all boxes in that order will be protected.

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