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How can I offer pre-orders as a seller?

Thanks for your interest in our Pre-Order tool. This tool is currently only available for Reverb Preferred Sellers. If you're a Preferred Seller, please reach out to your account representative or contact Reverb Support so we can enable this feature for you.

Creating a Pre-Order listing:

1. Once you're enabled, simply click the 'Sell Your Gear' button in the top right-hand corner of the website, just as if you are creating a standard listing.

2. At the bottom of the 'What are you selling?' box, click 'Advanced Options'.

3. Under the 'Make this a Pre-Order Listing' text, you will see the options to set a Ship Date for the listing or a Lead Time that it will take to build the product. Choose what option applies to your listing. Once you complete the rest of the listing, save the changes and you're all set. See below for details


Pro-tip: To change a Pre-Order listing back to an In-Stock listing, go to the 'Make This a Pre-Order Listing' area, choose the Ship Date field, and set the ship date to today's date, and save your changes.

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