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How-To: Creating a CNAME record in Network Solution

To begin, please fill out the custom domain name submission form and a Reverb Sites team member reach out to assist you.

We offer free "SSL Security” (https) for your domain name so we will have "Amazon Web Services" send you a certification to approve. This email will go straight to the admin email on your hosting account. The email comes straight from Amazon Web Services with subject line: Amazon Certificates. It does require you to temporarily disable your domain privacy settings, if applicable, so the email isn't blocked.

How to disable private registration in Network Solutions:

All you have to do is follow the confirmation steps and let the Reverb representative know once you have approved the certification. We will then generate and send you a new domain value to be used when creating the new record within your domain registrar. The value will end with “.cloudfront

The next step is to create CNAME record in Network Solutions whose type is: www pointing to the value your Reverb Sites representative provides.

You can learn more about creating a new CNAME record in Network Solutions here: