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How-To: Create a Subcategory Navigation Link

Say, for example, you create a branded category page for “Pro Audio” but you want to create a new Navigation link just for “Microphones.” You can create a subcategory navigation link by using a custom URL. Here’s how:

  1. Click "My Reverb Site" in the bottom left corner of your Reverb Sites Dashboard
    1. A live preview of your Reverb Site will open up in a new window
  2. Click the top level page you wish to create a subcategory within.
  3. Click the category in the listing grid you wish to highlight
  4. Copy the URL in the address bar
  5. Return to the Reverb Sites Dashboard
  6. Click the "Navigation" tab and create a new Navigation link
  7. Select "Custom URL" and paste the URL
  8. Click "Create Navigation Link"