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Shipping damage claims for non-Reverb Shipping Labels

Shipping damage claims should be handled in the following way when an item is damaged in shipment, and the shipping label was not purchased on Reverb.

If your package was shipped using a Reverb shipping label with Reverb Safe Shipping, please read these instructions on how to proceed.

Step by Step Guide:

1. Buyer saves all original packaging.

2. Seller contacts the shipping carrier and files a claim. Here are a few handy links from the most common shipping carriers:

3. The shipping carrier will then provide next steps, including but not limited to: Scheduling a pickup of the item, an in-person inspection, or a request for photos of the damage.

4. Once we can confirm the damaged item and original packaging is in possession of the carrier, and to be returned to the seller, Reverb expects the seller to refund the buyer in full.

5. Shipping carrier reimburses the seller for the insured amount once their claim processing has concluded. 

We highly advise looking into purchasing a Reverb Shipping Label with Reverb Safe Shipping on future orders, so we can process all claims in-house with a resident musician.
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