I just sold my item. When will I be paid?

Just sold an item? Not seeing your payout? Here are some things to check first:

Have you entered tracking information?

Tracking information is what Reverb uses as an indicator of when your payout should be submitted, so if you haven't done so yet, provide that tracking information or purchase a Reverb Shipping Label here (tracking information is automatically added when a Reverb Shipping Label is purchased). 

Are your Shop Policies set to only accept PayPal?

If so, log into your PayPal account directly at PayPal.com to retrieve your funds. 

Is this your first Reverb Payments sale?

You will receive notification of your first payout being approved within 24-48 hours following the delivery of the item according to the tracking information you've provided to Reverb. Following that, it may take your bank 1-3 business days to process that deposit. After your first sale, your payouts will be initiated once tracking is entered and the item is "in transit".

Did you enter the correct bank account information? 

If you are set up to receive your Reverb Payments payouts to your bank account, be sure to check that the account on file is correct! You can view your bank info by heading to your "Shop Policies" here.

Bank info incorrect? Don't sweat it! Just go ahead and add the correct bank info, then contact us once you're ready to have this payout resubmitted! (keep in mind that bounced payouts can take up to 7 days to return to us.)

My order says "Payment Pending"

If you are a seller using PayPal only, then this usually means that some action is needed on your end to verify your PayPal account. If you are verified, then it may be that the buyer has paid with an eCheck which can take up to a week to clear. If there is a verification issue with your PayPal account within Reverb, we will typically send an email explaining why, but feel free to reach out for more information if you don't get that! 

How much time has passed?

Once your payout has been submitted by Reverb (you'll receive an email indicating this), it typically takes your bank 1-3 days to process that deposit (depending on your specific bank). 

I am still not seeing my payout. What are the next steps? 

Contact us so that we can assist! 


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