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What Are My Fees as a Reverb Preferred Seller?

For all sales on the site, Reverb charges a selling fee of 5% of the total sale amount (including shipping) after your item has sold. The minimum fee is $0.50 and the maximum fee is $500. For example: if you sell a $15,000 guitar, instead of $750 (5%) we limit your transaction fee to only $500.

As a Reverb Preferred Seller, you will have the lowest payment processing fee available, at 2.5% plus $.25 per transaction. Between the selling and processing fees, this means the total fees as a Preferred Seller are 7.5% + $.25 per transaction.

Both fees will be taken out of your total payout for the sale, along with the cost of any shipping labels you choose to purchase.

You can apply to be a Reverb Preferred Seller here.