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How to get paid with Reverb Payments in the EU and UK

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Reverb Payments gives sellers the ability to accept essentially all forms of payment directly on Reverb. Fees are lower, buyers have more payment options, and sellers can receive funds directly to their bank accounts. Reverb always recommends Reverb Payments as the best way to sell on Reverb.

To set up Reverb Payments:

1. Sign into your Reverb account and head to your Shop Settings page.

2. Complete the initial shop settings including your Shop name, location, supported languages, and currency then select Save Changes at the bottom.


3. Choose Complete Payment Details. eu2.png

4. Enter your origin country and confirm your shop currency is correct. Select Save and Continue.


5. On the next page, you’ll be asked for more details as well as your preferred return policy on Reverb. When you're done, select Save.


6. After that, click 'Complete Payout Details'.


7. On the final page, enter the following information including your address and banking information.


Once you select Save at the bottom of this page, you’ll be able to start creating listings on Reverb.

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