What fees will I pay for selling on Reverb?

1. Reverb Selling Fee
2. Payment Processing Fee
3. Additional Fees
4. When do I pay the fees?

There are two main fees associated with every Reverb transaction: 

1. Reverb 3.5% Selling Fee

There is a 3.5% selling fee for every item sold on Reverb. There are no fees for creating a new listing or removing a listing if it has not sold.

Reverb's maximum fees are as follows:

Currency Maximum Sale Amount

Maximum Fee Charged

USD $10,000 $350usd
CAD $15,000 $525cad
EUR €10,000 €350
GBP £10,000 £350

2. Payment Processing Fee

Regardless of the buyer's payment method used to purchase, all transactions will incur this payment processing fee.

Additional fees may include:

1. Bump Fees

2. Reverb Shipping Label Fees

3. Marketplace Facilitator State Taxes (that are collected by Reverb)
For more information on new sales tax laws - click here

When do I pay the fees?

With Reverb Payments, the above fees are all deducted directly from the payout - eliminating month-end charges and streamlining your billing process. If for some reason these fees cannot be deducted from your payout, they are added to your month-end bill.

You can always check the Earnings Tab in your Reverb account for a breakdown of exactly what was withheld from each of your payouts and why. 

*Additional Reverb Shipping Labels are always billed to your statement. 

Note: International transactions may incur an additional 1% cross-border processing fee:

  • Transactions within the European Economic Area (EEA) are considered domestic and will not incur a cross-border fee.
    **PayPal charges up to 4.4% for international transactions.
  • If you choose to list your item in a different currency than you receive your Reverb Payments payout, a 2.5% currency conversion fee will be assessed on the subtotal of your payout, after your regular payment processing fees. 
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