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How do I become a Reverb Preferred Seller?

Reverb’s Preferred Seller Program allows sellers to participate in exclusive benefits and access special tools to help grow their Reverb Shop’s business.

How Do I Apply to Become a Reverb Preferred Seller?

To apply, select the ‘Become a Preferred Seller’ button on the Preferred Seller Program Page.

You may also apply from your Dashboard and check to see if your account meets the basic requirements. You can expect a response within 5 business days. 

How Do I Qualify to Become a Reverb Preferred Seller?

  • Make sure you are set up for Reverb Payments. To confirm, please head over to your Shop Policies Page.
  • A seller must complete 10 sales on Reverb and maintain an average feedback rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • Once a Reverb Preferred Seller, you must continue to follow Reverb Payments Terms and Policies.
  • A seller must publish policies for refunds and returns for their shop.
  • A seller needs to maintain an order cancellation below 10% of total order volume.
  • The account must be up to date on fee payments with valid payment information on file.
  • Please Refer to your Dashboard to see if your account meets the basic requirements.*

What Happens When I Become a Reverb Preferred Seller?

Once you become a Reverb Preferred Seller, the Payment Processing Fee will drop to 2.5% + $.25 for sales on Reverb. To see full details on our fees please check out our Fees Resource.

Your account will also receive the Reverb Preferred Seller badge, which displays that your shop provides outstanding service. Buyers on the site are even able to search exclusively for Reverb Preferred Sellers when looking for gear. 

To confirm how you can qualify for our other badges please check the resources for Quick Shipper and Quick Responder

App Directions: 

At the moment, you are not able to register to become a Reverb Preferred Seller on the Reverb App. In the meantime, you can head to a mobile browser on your smartphone or tablet to complete your Reverb Preferred Seller application with the steps above

To see full detailed requirements, please check out out the Preferred Seller Program Page.

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