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How do I respond to a buyer's refund request?

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From your Orders page, or from “Refund Requested” under your Notifications, select Respond to Request. You can issue the buyer’s refund instantly, deny it, or approve it upon return. If the item is being returned and you have already conditionally approved the refund request, you must go back and select Review & Complete Refund to finalize the refund within 48 hours of having the item back.

When responding to a refund request, you have 3 options to choose from:

Options for responding to a buyer's refund request

When the buyer submits a refund request and you agree to have the item returned, select Approve after return of item. This indicates to the buyer that you agree to have the item returned for a refund, and Reverb expects the refund to be completed within 48 hours of the item being delivered back to you. 

If you select Issue refund now, Reverb will immediately send the buyer’s money back to them. If this was an order Reverb already issued your earnings for, you will receive a negative balance in your Reverb account where your billing card will be charged the following business day.

Deny refund request should be selected if the buyer submitted a refund request outside of your return policy or if the buyer has decided to rescind the request.

No matter which option you select, the buyer will be notified. You can also write a note when responding to a refund request.

How do I initiate a refund on an order?

To initiate a refund on the web:

  1. Head to your Orders page.
  2. Locate the Order.
  3. Select Issue refund now or Review and complete refund.
  4. Select Full or Partial refund.
  5. Select the Reason for Refund.
  6. Leave a note to the buyer if you would like.
  7. Select Issue Refund.

If the item is being returned to you, once you have it back and it has been inspected, you can go back to your Orders page and select Review & Complete Refund. Reverb will then send the buyer’s money back to their account, and you will have a negative balance in your statements page that Reverb will collect the following business day.

Review & Complete Refund

Initiating a refund on the Reverb app:

You can refund orders via the most current version of the Reverb App on both Android and iOS.

  1. Select My Reverb.
  2. Select Orders.

The rest of the steps will mirror the web experience above.

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