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How to issue a refund on an order

How to Issue a Refund on an Order
Refunding on the Reverb App
What Happens After the Refund is Sent through Reverb Payments?

You are able to issue a full or partial refund on a Reverb order via your Orders page. 

To issue a refund: 

  1. Head to your Orders page.
  2. Locate the Order.
  3. Select "Initiate a Refund".
  4. Select Full or Partial refund.
  5. Select "Approve after return of item"* if you are still needing the item to be returned back.
  6. Select "Issue refund now" to immediately send the refund to the buyer.
  7. Select the "Reason for Refund".
  8. Leave a note to the buyer if you would like.
  9. Select "Issue Refund" if initiating the refund now or "Approve Refund Request" if you are waiting to get the item back.

*If you select "Approve after return of item", you will need to finalize the refund on your Orders page once it arrives back in your possession.

Refunding on the Reverb App:

You can refund orders via the most current version of the Reverb App on both Android and iOS.

1. Select "My Reverb".
2. Select "Orders".

The rest of the steps will mirror the web experience above. 

What Happens After the Refund is Sent through Reverb Payments?

Beginning on August 29, when you issue a refund, the amount will no longer be temporarily reflected as a negative balance in your Reverb account before your billing card is charged. Instead, your billing card will simply be charged within one business day of the refund initiation. This new streamlined refund process will help provide more transparency into your payouts and charges.

  • Reverb refunds the buyer.
  • The amount refunded will be held as a negative balance in your Reverb account.
  • That negative balance will be deducted from your Reverb Payments payouts from future sales.
  • If you have not sold enough gear to cover that refund in full within 14 days, your billing credit card on file will be charged for the outstanding amount you owe to Reverb. We cannot bill negative balances to PayPal accounts or to bank accounts. 
  • Any Payout Reverb Balance on your account will also be used first to go against any negative balances on your Reverb account.

You will be refunded Reverb's 5% selling fee for refunds issued in full. For partial refunds, you will be refunded Reverb's 5% selling fee in proportion with the refunded amount. Please note that payment processing fees and bump fees are not prorated on partial refunds.

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