What Does It Mean To Be Paid Out in Reverb Bucks? How Do I Do It?

When signing up for Reverb Payments, you'll notice you have the option to be paid out directly to your bank or to be paid out in Reverb Bucks. Reverb Bucks are a form of currency on the site and, when paid out this way, they offer some great benefits:

  • Getting paid out even faster - no delays due to the processing by your bank!
  • 1% discount on purchases made with Reverb Bucks
  • You can change the Bucks in cash at any time 
  • Quick access to funds

Sounds good, right? To receive payouts in Reverb Bucks, you'll want to select the option from your Shop Policies:


Please keep in mind, at this time, Reverb Buck payouts can only be initiated to a bank account from USD Reverb Bucks. 

Like all other Reverb Payments transactions, the tracking number that you enter is ultimately what triggers your payout. If at any time you wish you to have your Reverb Bucks converted to cash, you'll see the option to do so from your Earnings tab:


Once you select 'Request Bank transfer' you'll be prompted to enter the amount you wish to transfer to your bank account:

After you submit the request, Reverb will process and issue the payout to your bank. As with all other transfers, the funds may take 1-3 business days to post to your account. 

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