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Shipping an item on Reverb & purchasing Reverb Shipping Labels

Does Reverb Offer Shipping Labels?
How Do I Buy a Reverb Shipping Label?
Using a Non-Reverb Shipping Label
How Do I Know How Much to Charge For Shipping?
Reverb App Instructions

Reverb requires that all items are shipped out within 3 days of the payment clearing. 

If you are unsure of how to pack or ship your item, we have detailed shipping resources that explain best practices when packing and shipping guitars, drum sets, keyboards, amps, pro audio gear, and more.

Once you have your item securely packed up, there are two routes you can take to get the item shipped:

  1. Purchase a Reverb discounted shipping label
  2. Shipping through the carrier of your choice

Does Reverb Offer Shipping Labels?

We offer discounted labels through USPS, UPS, and FedEx. We also offer discounted international labels via USPS, UPS, and DHL. At the moment, our shipping labels are only available to sellers in the U.S. 

Reverb Safe Shipping is required when purchasing a Reverb Shipping Label for items with a sale price between $1,500 USD and $10,000 USD. Neither Reverb Safe Shipping nor Reverb Shipping Labels are available for items with a sale price of $10,000 or more. The maximum declared value for an international shipment is $2,500.

Please note: Signature Requirement is required on all labels with Reverb Safe Shipping on orders above $100.

How Do I Buy a Reverb Shipping Label?

  1. Locate the order on your Orders page.
  2. Select the green 'Get Shipping Label' button.
  3. Enter the weight and dimensions of the package.
  4. Select to include a signature requirement and Reverb Safe Shipping.
  5. Click 'Review Rates'.
  6. Select the shipping method of your choice.
  7. Once you make your choice, tracking will automatically be added to the order and sent to the buyer.

Don't have a printer? We've made it even easier to ship USPS with Reverb Shipping Labels. Instead of printing a label at home, click 'Send QR Code' on your Order page to receive a QR code via email. Your local USPS office can scan the code, print the label, affix it to the package, and induct it into the system for processing.

Using a Non-Reverb Shipping Label

  1. Locate the order on your Orders page.
  2. Find the order that needs to be shipped, and select 'Add Tracking Info'.
  3. Select the carrier that was used, and enter the tracking number in the specified field.
  4. The tracking info will then be uploaded to the order and shared with the buyer. This will also mark the order as shipped.

How Do I Know How Much to Charge For Shipping?

You can utilize our Reverb Shipping Label Estimators below to get an idea of how much shipping may cost. Please remember, these are only estimates for a cost of a shipping label purchased from Reverb. They do not include the cost of packaging, packing services, Reverb Safe Shipping, or Signature Required.

expedited-shipping-shield-d9626c76bf6fa5ab179976e50b36d076b6b48beff31c48b5116ce5f4f54b4155.svg Reverb Shipping Label Estimator

expedited-shipping-shield-d9626c76bf6fa5ab179976e50b36d076b6b48beff31c48b5116ce5f4f54b4155.svg Reverb International Shipping Label Estimator 

Reverb App Instructions:

You can purchase a Reverb Shipping Label and manually add tracking information on an order through the most current versions of the iOS and Android apps. When using the Reverb App:

  1. Select “My Reverb” on iOS or the Menu Button on the top left of the screen on Android
  2. Select “Orders
  3. The rest of the steps will be the same as above!

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